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The Ultimate Guide to Generating Wealth Without Owning Property

Without Any prior Experience, Without Hard Costs, and With Just a Few Hours Per Week

Molly Tennant
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What is Top Tier Transaction Coordinator

Top Tier Transaction Coordinator is an educational resource that empowers experienced and new real estate professionals to master the art of real estate transactions. You don’t need to invest in property or make any commitments. Help get deals to the closing table and create your own empire within the industry.

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Profit in Real Estate Without Owning Property

The Ultimate Real Estate Transaction Coordinator Course

Whether you're an aspiring real estate investor eager to learn the ropes or a real estate agent looking to supercharge your team's efficiency, you can start making money in real estate without ever investing.

Did you know nearly every deal done in real estate goes through a transaction coordinator, so why not make a portion of real estate profits without using any of your own money?

Our Commitment

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Learn from the Best

We bring you the expertise and experience of Pace Morby's very own transaction coordinator, Molly Tennant. Molly's wealth of knowledge and proven track record will provide you with invaluable insights, ensuring you receive top-tier training directly from a seasoned professional.

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The Secrets of Success

Learn insider tips and proven strategies used by industry professionals to thrive in transaction coordination. Set yourself apart from the competition and become a trusted expert in the real estate industry.

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Escape the Stress

Picture yourself seamlessly maneuvering through complex real estate transactions, effortlessly coordinating deals, and ultimately turning your transactional experience into a fulfilling and lucrative career.


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Pace Morby and Molly Tennant

Molly's skill is the lifeblood of my business. 

"Molly helped me acquire close to $250M in real estate deals after I hired her and the rest is history! She will aid you in creating a unique real estate business model to generate wealth with zero cash down."

- Pace Morby

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